Service Business Introduction



The original pearl jewelry of Yakushi Pearl Inc.
are made by our skilled craftsmen
who provide meticulous and fine work,
being less than 0.1mm error from
their original designs.

The quality is highly evaluated
by the domestic and overseas major
Jewelry manufacturers,
Department stores and
Famous jewelry branded stores,
and we have got their confidence
and good result.

We can accept commodifying your
jewelry designs by our OEM department.

One example jewelry

We have prepared metal fittings like clasps, too.
If you are interested in our OEM for your jewelry, please send us our inquiry form with your details.


Necklaces and Pendants

We, Yakushi Pearl Inc. can arrange drilling on pearls, one by one precisely in micron basis.

Our Lake water pearl gradation necklace is very elegant jewelry, of which pearls are non-artificially colored and with advantage of natural color.


Pierced earrings & Clip-on earrings

In addition to the normal fitting for the above 2 earrings, we prepare silicon catch which does not move easily.


Technical power of Yakushi Pearl

Since the Lake water pearls have no core different from Akoya pearls and South sea pearls & etc., carving or magnet can be embedded easily because of no core and thick layers.

You can test the charm of the unique Lake water pearls and our technology.

General Questions

Can we order special clasps?

In case of special clasps, we can arrange your special clasps, if you bring them.

Which size of the longest pearl necklace you can make?

Fundamentally we can accept any length. But, longer size it is, more difficult to equalize the beauty of the strand and the quality of the pearls, and so please ask us first.

Can I ask from designing for my jewelry?

Fundamentally we can accept. But in case of being difficult or impossible to reproduce the design technically,please ask us.