Lake water pearl About Lake water pearl



In 1987 we noticed some pearls
outstandingly beautiful among
Fresh water pearls,
and we picked them up and
tried new method to commercialize them.

And we named the highest quality
Fresh water pearls “Lake water pearl”


It is said that the total harvest of the Fresh water pearls is about 1,000 tons.
Among them, the world highest quality Fresh water pearls
we aim for do not satisfy even a few % of our demand.

“The world highest quality Fresh water pearls” are loved with admiration all over the world,
the absolute quantity is so limited that many clients have had no chance to see them.Therefore,
the Fresh water pearls are misunderstood in some cases as low priced and low quality pearls.

This being the situation, in order to make clear distinction between
“World highest quality Fresh water pearls”
and the ordinary “Fresh water pearls”, we have named the former pearls “Lake water pearls”.
These “World highest quality pearls” are the “Lake water pearls” we are proposing.

From Hometown of Lake water pearls

Production area of the Lake water pearls

The Hometown of the Lake water pearls is rivers of Chang Jing river basin in China, but the largest framing area is the sea side of Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Providence.Most of the harvested pearls are gathered into pearl markets in Hangzhou and Suzhou, which are delivered to all over the world.

Mother shell of the Lake water pearls

The Fresh water pearls are raised in the Triangular shell(Hyriopusis Cumingii).The main characteristics of the pearls are coreless, brilliant colored and soft pearl skin.Number of pearls produced in one shell is about 30-40 pcs., but really satisfied high quality pearl among them is only 1 piece or nothing.

Finishing for the Lake water pearls

The pearls we buy carefully selected from the pearl farmers are selected again furthermore at our factory and are classified precisely into size,shape,color,scratch & luster.The pearls passed by our gradual strict checks are ready for shipment to you.

Plentiful shapes,Various colors

  • Round・Button
  • Baroque
  • Drop

Difference between coreless Lake water pearls
and core planted pearls

Lake water pearl

Hyriopsis Cumingii / Coreless pearl

Like tree rings, pearl layers are rolled from center

Coreless pearl
A piece(cell piece)only is inserted into the mother shell,and the pearl is raised rolling the cell piece by pearl layers.
The whole pearl is formed by the pearl layers.
Farming Period
Small pearls like 3mm dia. are raised for 2 years,and larger pearls over 8mm dia. are raised for 7-8 years in the lakes.
Kinds of Color
White, Orange and Purple are main colors, and in addition to those, each medium color, metallic color and another various natural colors appear beautifully on the pearls.

Akoya pearl

Akoya shell / Core planted pearl

White core is rolled by pearl layers

Core planted pearl
Real round core (shell or plastic) and a piece(cell piece)are inserted into the mother shell and they are rolled by the pearl layers.
Farming period
Akoya pearls are raised for 1-3 year in the sea water.
Kinds of color
Mainly white color, but there are Pinkish white and Greenish white. and Golden and Blue colors are found, too.

General Questions

Is there any core inside the Fresh water pearls?

Generally there is no core inside, but recently as a mainstream, farming of the Fresh water pearls with core inside has started, and so some pearls have a core inside.

Are the colors of Fresh water pearls non-treated?

Most of the Fresh water pearls are originally orange colored. Generally white colored pearls are bleached from orange colored pearls. But there are natural white pearls, though they are limited quantity, and the price is jumped up.

Are the Lake water pearls low priced?

The pearl price depends on the labor cost. In case the farming cost rises, it reflects on the pearl price. Actually, the price has raised 3 times more for the last 2-3 years.