Service Business Introduction



We provide the highest quality pearls,
not only Lake water pearls,
but also another various pearls.

We have prepared Akoya,
Tahitian pearls and another
various kinds of pearls.
Feel free to ask us.

At the same time,
we can make the customer’s
designed pearl jewelry.

General Questions

Are you handling Baroque pearls?

We have Baroque pearls, Keshi pearls and etc.

Until which size of pearl are you handling?

We are handling 1.5-16mm pearls, but difficult to supply small and large sized pearls regularly, because of small harvest quantity.

Do you have purple colored Fresh water pearls?

Yes, we have. But they are a few % of the total pearls, and so sometimes difficult to supply the exactly same purple colored pearls to the previous shipment.

Do you color your pearls?

We do not color our pearls. But we can color the pearls in case of our clients’ request.

Do you have minimum lot of strands?

No we do not have. You can buy from 1 piece of pearl.