Service Business Introduction



Yakushi Pearl Inc.
are selling their pearl jewelry directly
to the nationwide public people
mainly via Public EC sites
and TV Shop-Channel “En-no-Hana”.

In our head office in Osaka,Japan,
you can see and wear our pearl jewelry.
We are glad we can help you enjoy with
our high quality pearl jewelry.


Store sales

About the natural pearls which we are handling, each pearl is different in color, and there are no same colored pearls but slightly different. You can touch our pearl jewelry exhibited or in the showcases at our store-front, where our well experienced staffs can answer your questions and give you professional advice.


Official EC site

You can buy the world famous high quality pearls of the Yakushi Pearl Inc. We have been developing their pearl business in Osaka for over half century,and now have become a Brand pioneer of the Lake water pearls.Please buy many of our high quality jewelry by EC site.



We have been developing an “En-no-Hana” branded jewelry through TV shopping.You can buy our televised jewelry directly from us.

General Questions

At your store do you accept Credit cards?

Yes, we can accept your Credit Cards such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB-Alipay, Wechat & etc.

Can you repair some jewelry bought at other stores?

Fundamentally we can repair them, but patented items by other companies, structurally complicated and engraved jewelry may be inacceptable.

Certificates are attached to the jewelry?

We can issue our own Certificates immediately.Regarding Certificate of identification and grading, it is to be issued about 1 week later, and JPYen6,000.00 are required as the certificate fee. In case of not famous certificate laboratory,we can get the certificate at JPYen2,000.00